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About me

A little bit about me........

Why 'Hey Cassie?'


Well, whenever someone needs a bit of help with something, they usually start with "Hey Cassie, ..." 

After 25 years in the education and care industry, I made a bold move and started my own  business, to use the various skills I have acquired to help people in a new way, that allows me greater flexibility for my growing family.

I pride myself in being a 'do-er'. I can't necessarily sort out your big-picture stuff, but give me a list of tasks to do and that's where I shine. Offering VA services allows me to offer practical help with your admin tasks and to cheer you on from behind the scenes. Your success is my success.

When I'm not infront of my trusty laptop I'm a 'soccer mum' of two boys (12 and 9yrs),  a wife, friend, avid TV streamer, Kmart shopper, user of too many emojis 😉 and I think I could have a whole Messenger conversation with gifs.

If you could use a hand, I'm just a click away. It could be a one-off project, short term, long term or as-needed that you need. Let's chat about what you could outsource to free up your precious time. 


My Values

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When you choose Hey Cassie Admin Services, you are choosing a partner who shares your values. I believe that kindness, family, integrity, humour, and community are essential to building strong and successful relationships in business and life. As a virtual assistant, I bring these values to every task and project, working diligently to help my clients achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

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I have always strived to be a kind person to everyone I encounter both in my personal and professional life so when we work together, I am confident you will experience genuine caring and kindness. A favourite quote of mine is "In a world where you can be anything, be KIND."

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The little family I helped create are what get me out of bed in the mornings.

I am so  fortunate to work with clients and colleagues who also live by the motto  ‘family comes first’ - sick kids, sick parents, school concerts, school holidays, we work around it.

Because family is our ‘why’.


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Working with a VA is in many ways a leap of faith - you have to let someone in to the business you have grown and commit to sharing your ideas, your struggles and well, your passwords too! I pride myself on being someone who can be trusted to treat your business like it's my own and be someone you can trust.

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I love few things more than a great laugh. Adulting is so serious most of the time but I think it's a lot easier if you can have a laugh at yourself or a situation and I apply this in my business too. I love a good emoji, GIF or clip of pets doing funny stuff so join me for a bit of light to offset the shade when we work together!


They say it takes a village to raise a child but can I tell you, it also takes one to run a business!! Business can be lonely and isolating sometimes even in the best of circumstances. Building a community around you to bounce ideas off, celebrate the wins and be there on the hard days really is a huge support.

Contact me

I'm not at my desk 24/7, so the best way to get in touch is to email me at, or find me on my socials below and send a DM!

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